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Launching a business in only three weeks may seem a little crazy. If that’s the case, Tim Berry is very, very crazy. At today’s Growth 2.0 Conference in Miami Beach, Berry presented his case that budding entrepreneurs don’t need years to start a business.

He carefully outlined each task that must be accomplished during the vital three-week period.

Week One:

  • Create your main idea and define success.
  • Talk to co-founders.
  • Get it in writing.
  • Name your business.
  • Create an initial sales forecast.
  • Create an initial expense budget.
  • Estimate starting costs.
  • Make the first sale.

Week Two:

  • Define your marketing strategy.
  • Create your look and feel.
  • Get a presence on the web.
  • Create a merchant account.
  • Set up insurance.
  • Create an initial expense budget.
  • Recruit potential employees.

Week Three:

  • Find a location.
  • Set up bookkeeping.
  • Make it legal.
  • Initial hiring.
  • Settle the financing.
  • Make the sale.

Beyond Three Weeks:

  • Make the sale.
  • Pay your taxes.
  • Focus on customer service.
  • Marketing.
  • Create employer policies, systems.

Berry also presented his own list of the Top 10 Startup Mistakes:

  1. Unrealistic Forecasts
  2. Incomplete Teams
  3. Misunderstanding Equity
  4. Investment or Bust
  5. Ideas Do Not Equal Opportunities
  6. Trying to do Everything
  7. Pricing too Low
  8. Failing to Plan
  9. Not Enough Cash
  10. No Real Need in the Marketplace


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Here are 53 things to keep in mind if you want to be a better entrepreneur:

  1. Don’t let emotions cloud your decisions.
  2. Accept criticism, no matter who gives it to you.
  3. Never stop networking.
  4. Learn from your own mistakes.
  5. Learn from other people’s mistakes.
  6. Around every corner lies an opportunity for you to sell something.
  7. (more…)

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Differences Of Winners and Losers

Successful people are winners in our society. But what are the factors that make them so different from others? I have pondered about this question for a while and I found that there are some striking differences between winners and losers. Winners operate in a totally different frame of mind compared to losers and that is why they always got the results that losers dream of. So read on for the list of 33 differences between winners and losers.


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