Businessman vs Entrepreneur. What’s the difference?

Businessman vs Entrepreneur. What’s the difference?

business_cityWhat is the difference between a business and an entrepreneurship? How about a business owner from an entrepreneur? These terms are commonly used interchangeably. However, these terms have different meaning – and those differences are what we will try to find out. To illustrate and understand simply and clearly the difference between business and entrepreneurship, we will have a face-off between a businessman and an entrepreneur. So the showdown begins.

Businessman or business person Entrepreneur
1. Starts a business from an existing idea or concept Starts a business from his own unique idea or concept
2. Has many business rivals His business rival is himself
3. Focuses on competition Focuses on cooperation
4. Is always busy on his business “busy-ness” Is only busy in preparing his new enterprise
5. Don’t have enough time for his family and personal life Have a lot of time for his family and personal life
6. His business gives him a living He gives life to his business
7. Traditional Innovative and revolutionary
8. Stays safe Risk taker and accountable
9. Worried Excited
10. Profit oriented People (i.e., employee, customer, public) oriented
11. Has an active income or profit Has a passive income or profit
12. Hire people to increase business productivity Hire people to give them productivity
13. A market player A market leader
14. Has not yet achieved financial freedom Has achieved financial freedom
15. Only gives importance to a part of the business world (atomistic) Gives importance to the business world as a whole (holistic)

From the comparisons above, we can learn that entrepreneurship is not an easy feat compare to merely doing business. We can also realize that an entrepreneur is a business person who has evolved into a more complete person – one that is not simply a business person but a real human being. Being a businessman is good. Being profit oriented, market player, business competitor, traditional, busy and active income earner is not bad since all business owners have been on those stages. Even the successful entrepreneurs, before they succeed, have been into that. It is just that they have taken the right move to evolve into a better and even the best businessmen that they can be. That is why they become not only businessmen, but rightfully they become entrepreneurs. So, how about you? Are you a businessman or an entrepreneur? Are you merely doing business or are you taking it into a higher level, which is called entrepreneurship?


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  • Leo Penrose Jr

    A business person works in the business; entrepreneur works on it.

  • Ahmad Michael Morshedi

    Becoming an entrepreneur is more like a lifetime achievement milestone in my opinion.  If you are already an entrepreneur i.e. you run a novel enterprise, then I guess your goal should be to become a better entrepreneur . 

  • Punit Jajodia

    I think people are using overusing the words Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship. Every fresh graduate who starts a website calls himself an entrepreneur today. I appreciate the fact that there are people like you who understand the difference and even go through the trouble of trying to share the knowledge about how entrepreneurs are different from business owners and managers. Cheers!

  • Paul McCormack

    Love the comparison. Very well done. I’d like to think of myself as an entrepreneur. Ask me again in 12 months!